The Tabb Agency is full service agency representing models and actors. First established by Sharon Tabb in 2011. The Tabb Agency has a personal hands on approach to our models and actors, which brings growth and success to the amazing people we represent. It also means we can provide the very best to the clients we serve.


The Tabb Agency develops and books models and actors for Print, TV & Film. We focus on each one of our models and actors making sure we do what’s best personally and professionally.

We are always searching for new faces and experienced model and talent to join our agency{link to submission page}. We work on filling the needs of our local clients and surrounding areas.


Sharon Tabb founded Tabb Modeling Agency in 2011, upon her return to Oklahoma City from Los Angeles, when she didn’t have easy access to models for her projects. While working as Beauty Director for ZOOEY, a national print magazine, she also began working with a local bridal magazine where she was in charge of booking models. In Los Angeles, Sharon was accustomed to working with modeling agencies like Hollywood Model Management, ELITE, LA Models, Wilhelmina, and many more, that sent model packages regularly in hope that their models would be booked for print publications.

Due to the lack of access of such models in Oklahoma, she started a local Facebook page as a networking tool where she could find Oklahoma models. After many months of success just from the social media page, local professionals approached Sharon and suggested she begin a modeling agency. Soon after, Sharon Tabb began Tabb Modeling Agency which naturally expanded to representing Talent as well. Sharon’s background in production and the fashion industry makes her agency a strong asset for the Oklahoma market.


Sharon Tabb is an internationally recognized Celebrity Makeup Artist. She has spent the majority of her 28 year career based in Los Angeles. She has worked with Selena Gomez, Felicity Huffman, William H Macy, Harrison Ford, Russell Crowe, Mario Lopez, America Ferrera, Laurence Fishburne, Yoko Ono, Kathy Ireland, Kevin Durant, and Russell Westbrook – just to name a few.

Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sharon is now happy to be living back home once again. A highly in demand celebrity makeup artist, Sharon says, “I am blessed and humbled to work with incredibly talented artists. I always laugh when people call me a ‘Celebrity Makeup Artist.’ I don’t call myself that because I love doing makeup on everybody, not just celebrities. It makes me happy to make ALL people look and feel their best.”

There is such a remarkable amount of talent here to work with here in Oklahoma, and running the modeling agency is a blast. More than anything, I love getting to spend more time with the people that matter to me most: my husband, son and daughter.